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Review copy policy:

We are happy to send review copies of the book to media and to industry blogs and websites. Please send your request for a review copy to cjsteffy (at) cravepress.com.
In this request, please provide a website for your organization as well as your complete name and title and editorís name, title, and contact information (if you have an editor).
Please also include the anticipated date of publication for your review. We will consider and respond to your request for a review copy within one week.
Consideration for review copies is based on your publication/website/blog and its target readership as well as the amount of review copies we have on hand at the time of your request.
Review copies are limited, so please understand if we cannot fulfill your request.
We ask that you please maintain a high level of journalistic integrity and only request a review copy with the honest intention of writing and publishing a review for the book.
It is not typical for us to provide copies of the book merely for reference for an article; however, at our discretion and based upon mutually determined factors, we may provide a complimentary copy for you to reference in your research.